Welcome to Hello Menifee!

Welcome to Hello Menifee!

Hello Menifee! has been something I have been wanting to accomplish for several years now.  My family truly loves living here in Menifee, and we are always wanting to know what’s happening in our city.   Too many times we find out about an event “after the fact” and then feel we’ve missed out on something special.  I’m sure many of you have experienced the same.  Well… we are hoping to help change that.

HelloMenifee.com is now your online destination for all events and happenings in the City of Menifee.   This free resource is brought to you by Team Dad & Daughters, and your local real estate and property management experts at:   Menifee Real Estate Group.  This is just another way of our being able to “give back” to our community.

Please help SPREAD THE WORD about this new Community Calendar.   When you hear about an event, post it here on Hello Menifee! for FREE (click here) for everyone to see.

I am so excited that this little brainchild of mine is finally here!  We hope you like it and that it serves you well.

Let’s keep connected Menifee!


Best to you all,

Cynthia Nemelka



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